Wednesday, May 4, 2011

#1: “My street is continuously littered with PBR cans and hummus.”

This first example that begs the question whether the goings-on are drunk-induced or just Athens-induced is a quote that comes from a Native, or shall we say, a “townie,” turned student.
Referring to his home in Reedsville, which is listed as an “unincorporated community” in neighboring Meigs County, Chris Davis posted this archetypal quip as his Facebook status upon visiting home one day.

Drunk, or Athens?
Party school rankings for 2011 damned OU to second place for partying but so honorably ranked first for beer drinking. Athens is home to its very own “Can Man,” who makes a life for himself by collecting beer cans that spill off the lawns of party houses. Odds are, your hometown doesn’t garner a need for a can man.
A quick search on renders PBR is a designated “hipster beer”- drank by Andy Botwin and his father in the TV show Weeds and Clint Eastwood in all of his badass-ness in Gran Torino. Equipped with the picturesque backdrop of the Appalachian Mountains and the abundance of soft drugs, the ever-youth-filled college town filled with both hipsters and hippies undoubtedly breeds a cult following of PBR drinkers.
Adding onto this notion of the plaid shirted, skinny-jean-wearing, PBR drinking hipster dominance, the hummus is a given.
Clearly, this situation is not a result of purely irresponsible drunkeness. That’s just Athens.

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