Wednesday, May 4, 2011

#3: Waste(d)

Some clever fellow inked a giant “D” on the end of the sign that originally read “WASTE” on a trash can placed at the main entrance at the busiest location on campus, Ohio University’s student center.
For over a year, this remained the daily greeting to the 20,000 people that traipsed through Baker Center daily. Visiting artists, prominent speakers, traveling scholars – they were all welcomed to Ohio University’s biggest bragging right of a building by this little touch of down-to-earth, good-for-nothing, copy-editing craftsmanship.
Drunk, or Athens?
While Baker Center programming prides itself on providing and implementing “Alcohol Alternative” programs, it clearly is not able to compete with the 23 uptown bars and the availability of a good Sharpie.
This isn’t the result of anything but some pure, proud, deviant drunkenness.
(Fear not, OU Marketing team: those sign-makers won’t be fooled again. The sign on the trash can has now been replaced with a deep yellow “GARBAGE.”)

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