Wednesday, May 4, 2011

#4: “Crazy Guys”

Five to 10  (not really sure exactly how many) bearded old men quietly stoop at their respective posts around the streets of Athens- in front of Bromley Hall, near the Habitat House on the bike path, or perhaps shuffling through the library.
The graybeards are unofficially titled “Crazy Guys” by anyone who has ever noticed their subtle existence. Sometimes, they babble on with or without an audience or are stoic for literally days.
Drunk, or Athens?
By stopping to talk with them, it’s easy to get stuck sitting for hours-their stories are intricate and their pasts are intriguing. From a former professor to a man self-titled “Windwalker,” they have been known to capture the hearts of students willing to listen.
And sure, any old city has its token loiterers. This bunch of beards, though, is not an annoying group of deviant drunkards, and their appreciated animation has become an unofficial acceptance into Athens culture.
Windwalker and the gang (who, oddly enough, never seem to actually band together) are not the stereotypical drunken drifters.
That’s Athens.

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