Wednesday, May 4, 2011

#6: @OUCrystal

When one of the 23 uptown bars was shut down indefinitely due to a failure to pay excise taxes after being caught selling alcohol illegally for three years and owing the state almost $40,000, its managers capitalized on the incident instead of being at all apologetic.
The Crystal bar started a Twitter account, gaining over 500 followers in a matter of days. Its first tweet, “We need your support students! Help bring The Crystal back!” inspired a new trending topic among OU student tweeters and the like: #freecrystal.
Regardless is the fact that actually “freeing” The Crystal would mean having to pay the taxes The Crystal had failed to pay. Taxes were easily evaded for three years because charges are made based upon complaint, and who in this town would complain about illegalities in regards to drinking?
The Crystal’s second tweet embodied just that. It read: “Who thinks about taxes when there’s 50+ bottles in the building? #notus
Drunk, or Athens?
After cheating the system out of tens of thousands of dollars, The Crystal asked for student support and overwhelmingly received it: sticking it to the man and providing alcohol in the meantime is perfect PR in the beer-loving, authority-hating demographic of Athens, Ohio.
The situation has everything to do with being drunk, but at its core, it is so Athens.

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