Friday, May 20, 2011

#8: Senator forced to resign for having a "beverage" in the Walter Governance Room.

OU Student Body Presidential candidate Matthew Wallace was forced to resign from the senate after having a “beverage" in the Walter Governance room.

During Winter Quarter 2011, it was established in a Student Senate General Body meeting that drinks were not permitted in the Walter Governance Room where the meeting was being held. The Governance Room is sacred to the gods of the administration and was only granted to the students for the quarter in a dire situation. Fearing spillage, the rule was repeated three weeks in a row in an announcement prior to the General Body roll call: No food or beverages are allowed in the Walter Governance Room.

Four weeks into the quarter, Student Senate entered into executive session to debate the forced resignation of Off-Campus Life Senator Matthew Wallace. Then President Jesse Neader said that there were “reports that Matthew Wallace had a beverage inside the Governance Room.” He would not give specifics about the beverage.

A few days of snappy opinion pieces in  the student newspaper and accusations about Wallace’s sobriety passed, and months later the exiled Wallace registered to run for president of the student body with the support of hundreds of voters and a 30-person ticket, FACE.

After a month-long battle with a number of qualified contenders, Wallace ended up losing the campaign to a former Student Trustee, Kyle Triplett of RSVP, but had a major role in motivating a record number of students to vote.

Drunk, or Athens?

The facts remain: a senator notoriously ousted for possible drunkenness was able to garner almost 1,000  of the 4,000 votes from the student body. While Wallace’s being drunk was never officially determined, it is just as unclear how many votes were supportive of his campaign or whether they were supportive of his lifestyle.

For the first time, it is too close to call... What do you think: is this Drunk, or Athens?

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