Sunday, June 19, 2011

#11: Gay-Friendly Churches

As the rest of the country struggles to accept homosexuality politically and socially, Athens, in all its progressiveness, is so gay-friendly that a number of churches welcome the LGBT minority.

United Campus Ministries, Episcopal Church of the Good Sheppard and First Presbyterian in Athens sport the rainbow LGBT-friendly sticker on their signs, next to messages reading “May God be with you,” or “God loves you.” The churches are taking steps to de-stigmatize the image of their higher institutions in hopes of attracting more of the population in Athens.

Drunk, or Athens?

With the abundance of strong-willed student leaders in the LGBT community, it is indeed possible that the LGBT bunch roamed the streets armed with gay-friendly stickers attempting to rainbow-paint the town.

More than likely, however, that Athens liberality overcame the conservative extension of Christianity, necessitating church officials to welcome the LGBT community.

Oh, Athens.

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