Sunday, June 12, 2011

#10: Memorabilia-stealing.

It is 1:30 a.m. on Wednesday of finals week. The Adderall supply is dwindling and anxiety is rising in Athens as the majority of the population makes an effort to cram for exams and simultaneously pack up apartments, homes and dorms.

Parties during finals are scarce but extreme. Partiers are both finished with their exams and celebrating with a round of shots or are winging it hoping they’ve soaked in enough information already- and are drinking with those who are buying the celebratory round of shots. Either way, the atmosphere is intense: heavy drinking is the only kind of drinking.

On Mill Street, a missing sewer cover evidences the extremity. A 10 foot sewer hole is exposed in the middle of Mill Street – a potentially messy trap for anyone oblivious of his or her surroundings.

The hole, sans cover, was left exposed for three hours until 4 a.m. when city workers replaced the cover. Leaving aside the amount of time that the hole could have easily swallowed an unaware passerby, the question remains: who the fuck would want to steal a sewer cover?

Drunk, or Athens?

The case for Athens: it is not unlike an Athenian on the way out to want a piece of the land- an Athens brick, a street sign or a sewer cover.

On the other hand, during the quiet hours of finals week, it is likely the wasted few found it easier to get away with destructivity - and funnier because of their especially tainted bloodstreams and the subconscious notion that they’ll soon be leaving anyway.


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  1. and the better question, did anyone check the sewer for passed out people before re-covering it?