Thursday, July 7, 2011

#13: The Southern Drawl

With Ohio sharing a short lake-border with Canada and acting as the fighting force in The Union, it is easy to lump the state into the category of “Northern.” However, Athenians, being only 30 minutes from the Mason-Dixon line and an hour and a half from the nearest northern metropolitan, have become accustomed to the twang of the Southern accent.

Drunk, or Athens?

The slurs of a drunkard or even the occasional alcohol-induced-accent is not actually a permanent feature. Therefore, the Southern sound is likely not a result of gluttonous imbibing. What it is, though, is a reflection of the slow Southern culture sans the Bible-thumping and the biscuits and gravy. It’s the benefits of a region lacking urban influence and still managing to bleed a deep blue.

It’s Athens.


  1. Even though I had to read the second portion of this about 8 times and a word; I enjoyed this