Friday, July 15, 2011

#14: Roger Ailes- Yes, he was once an Athenian.

1962 OU Grad Roger Ailes. Yes, OU. Grad. Photo: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images for U.S. News and World Report

How the bloody hell Roger Ailes came from Athens, Ohio posits two different questions of “Drunk, or Athens?”:

When President of Fox News Channel and Ohio University alumnus Roger Ailes donated a “sizable”(and never disclosed) amount of money and a shiny new newsroom to his alma mater in Athens in 2007, the result was not the typical thank-you card that comes in result of a gift of that caliber.

The reigning gods of OU’s administration, surrounded by blue-bleeding Athenians, were scrutinized heavily for “selling out” (AKA accepting the beautiful, expensive, and much-needed gift) to admitted Republican propagandist Ailes.

Drunk, or Athens?

There is no case for drunk here.
The hotly-debated newsroom and donation faded out of the student psyche as new controversies arose, and the uproarious reaction urging its rejection will be in the books as a typically Athenian protest.
That's Athens.

Ailes was featured in a May 2011 article in Rolling Stone magazine, which highlighted the best of his company’s contributions to the world of transparency and unbiased journalism, and an account of Ailes’ background:
      “A teenage booze hound – "I was hammered all the time" – Ailes said he "went to a state school because they told me I could drink."
The article proceeds: "During his stint at Ohio University, where he studied radio and television,"-  and reviews his years in Athens, giving our school the national exposure it claims its mid-major athletics program provides.

Drunk, or Athens?

It seems understandable now that Ailes actually did live in Athens- he was just wasted the entire time, and his deep-rooted conservatism could be stifled only by Razz Wheats and Junction Punches.

In moments of doubt about your future career or your morals as you pour yourself another Mega Mug, remember this.

World-renowned conservative piranha Roger Ailes’ admitting his devotion to the liberal haven surrounding OU derived solely from his love for alcohol. Not even Athens could sway this man.

He was just drunk.

Show Athens some love.

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