Sunday, July 24, 2011

#15: The Liquor License Deficit & BYOB Restaurants

O'Betty's is one of many Athens establishments forced to go BYOB because of the liquor license deficit in Athens County. Photo by O'Betty's.

With Ohio Division of Liquor Control limiting liquor licenses to a mere 66 businesses per county, restaurant owners in Athens who do not make the cut are forced into exploring alternative means to allow their patrons to drink. One option is to allow customers to bring their own alcohol in order to stay afloat in the market of heavy drinkers.

BYOB restaurants such as Purple Chopstix, Heaven’s Oven and O’Betty’s were not able to obtain a liquor license the bureaucratic way because of the limited amount allotted to the especially thirsty region. Therefore, alcohol was given allowance less formally.

Drunk, or Athens?

With BYOB restaurants being outlawed statewide, you’d think only a place like Athens would go to this length because only in Athens is it protocol for restaurants to accommodate the drinking culture to the extent that bending liquor laws is the rule rather than the exception. It turns out, beer-loving Ohioans north and south break liquor laws to allow for drinking. Though it seems like an Athenian wonder, BYOB restaurants are a common fix to the drinking-establishment-deficit.

Just drunk.

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