Friday, July 29, 2011

#16: Grilled Cheese on Court

The Court St. kind of grilled cheese is usually a little more the white-bread, smashed-like, kind with the fingerprints of the sandwich artist and  half- grill marks from some frat's borrowed and half-working George Foreman.

It’s Sunday morning at 2:30 a.m., but with the risk of recognizing the mass defiling of the Sabbath, it’s still considered Saturday night.

You’re famished after hiking up and down along Court St., from The Pub to Jackie O’s and then back down to Broney’s… and you think you made a stop at The Junction somewhere in there,  too. 

Your sloshing body is only in tandem with the sloshing of your stomach, filled with Junction Punch and PBR, and in need of some down-home Athens eats to soak up the alcohol. The line at Big Mama’s is out the door and Wendy’s seems suspiciously too corporate for the state you’re in. 

In the back of your mind, you know you can always count on grilled cheese. Staffed by the only sane looking college-aged kids from Thursday to Saturday, grilled cheese stands on Court St. are infinite.

Drunk, or Athens?

While sinking your teeth into a cold, uncooked piece of the cheapest quality American slices on Wonderbread may not sound delish to the soberest bunch, that doesn't matter at all when you're on Court St. late night, because you likely can't tell. 

Always fundraising for one charity or the other, student orgs turn to the streets to make money through grilled cheese and hot dog sales. From Habitat for Humanity to Triathlon Club, orgs weather the weather through heat and snow to make a little dough off their drunk and hungry peers. And though restaurants along Court are sporadic (Taco Bell, Pita Pit and Coldstone’s closing in the past few years) grilled cheese sales have been ruling the streets for years.

While it's necessary to be a little on the sloppy side to recognize it as never ending cheesy goodness, make no mistake: Taking advantage of the thirsty thousands is purely Athens.


  1. My favorite grilled cheese memories:

    1) Having the savvy to drink 4-Lokos from Wendy's cups while working the cheese stand to make the cold a little more bearable

    2) Watching a drunk girl burn her hands (although I doubt she felt it) on the George Foreman grill because she was a little impatient for her GC

    3) Finally meeting the infamous Indigenous when he stopped at our stand

    4) The fact that Grilled Cheese Sales are hardly,if at all, profitable and the only reason we made money was because our good friend Matt donated a $20 because he felt bad

  2. And that may have been the same night Matt tipped a bartender $70. Ah, freshman year... naivety was precious.