Monday, August 8, 2011

#17: Cell phone reception on Halloween

Being home to the oldest university in the Northwest Territory and in a location riddled with Appalachian ghost stories, Athens became the perfect destination for the greatest Halloween party in the nation.

Thousands of people swarm the city for the annual party on the Saturday of Halloween week. Having a population of a few thousand during school breaks and 20,000 during the year, Athens’ Appalachian resources are not equipped to handle more-- cell phone towers in the small town are so overwhelmed that they completely shut down.

Drunk, or Athens?

When out-of-towners stumble over the bricks in their stilettos and sexy cat/schoolgirl/witch/cop costume on a venture to see their friends, a true Athenian knows that Halloween is a battlefield. Phones are pointless, friends are lost and the “sexy” part of any costume most certainly fades away after just an hour in that atmosphere.
It’s the Athenian that has to tell the out-of-towner not to worry: it’s not just a fluke ever-more confused by your imbalanced bloodstream, it’s just


  1. Having a functional cell phone the day after Halloween

    Athens: 2
    Steve: 1

    (Maybe I can even the score in my final year)

  2. Athens must be very interesting on Halloweens. I wish I could attend this year. My friends keep on telling me to go there but I am just hesitant. I hope I can take courage this year.