Friday, August 19, 2011

#18: The name Athens

With every venue in the nation spilling the news that Ohio University is the hardest partying school this year, our national exposure shot up from 1- with Devaughn Johnson’s debut on the cover of USA Today- to 100, as the Associated Press’ report spread from PerezHilton to Tuscon’s KGUN news channel 9.

There is no better example of the preciosity of an Athenian lifestyle than the fact that the University of Georgia, with whom we have traded places with, happens to sit in Athens, G.A.

Drunk, or Athens?

There are 19 other Athenses in the United States: five of which are “unincorporated communities” in rural U.S., and some which sit in dry counties in the South.  Yeah, like no drinking there. But, every Athens city has managed to deem themselves a wet city inside their dry county jurisdiction.

As administrators and Public Relations departments in both college town Athenses scramble to wash off the words floating around about their thirsty hometowns, there is no denying that there is something about being in a town named after the first democracy in history- the original, Greece one, was named after Athena, an artisan and champion for peace, among other things.  The little college towns seem to have been inspired by their namesake.

The fact that we share the same name and the same reputation? 
It's something about Athens.

*Sidenote: We have UGA to thank for our very own Court St. Pianoman, Rick O'Keefe, who got his start in Athens, G.A.

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