Friday, August 26, 2011

#19: No, not Ohio State.

As students move back to the Promised Land, infusing little Athens with drunkards and an economy for another year, we will celebrate the anniversary of the greatest act of gallantry ever to have graced our mid-major football team: 

Photo: Aaron Josefczyk/Icon SMI

Drunk, or Athens?  

September 8, 2010, marks the anniversary of Brandon Hanning’s attack on Brutus, for which the Southeastern Ohio student was fired and banned from all athletics events but simultaneously skyrocketed to 15 seconds of national fame-and named a “hero” by ESPN polls. 

Because he risked a serious assault charge- it's easy to wonder: was this a decision influenced by liquid courage? Apparently an imbalanced BAC did not impact Hanning's decision; he had been planning to attack Brutus for over a year.  

And as students interning all over the nation hide an eye roll when, outside of Ohio, colleagues and employers confuse Ohio University with Ohio State University, the photo of a big giant paw in Brutus’ fuzzy face is a silent reminder of just who was here first. 

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