Friday, January 20, 2012

#23: The Unicycler.

We’ve all seen him, shook our heads and smiled to ourselves at his wheeling by.
Typical Athens.

Drunk, or Athens?

It’s possible this Athenian wonder is filled with liquid courage, teetering on a unicycle to get to the next bar a little faster than walking.

But in actuality, The Unicycler is former OU student Pete Hasemeier, whose antics made his way into the San Fransisco Chronicle back in 2005.

It read: "Ohio University student Pete Hasemeier uses an unusual mode of transportation to make his way through Athens to a clothing store. Hasemeier, of Athens, says he prefers a unicycle because it frees his hands for tasks, such as talking on a cell phone and holding an umbrella to fend off yesterday's rain. He is studying to become a chiropractor."

Hasemeier’s mannerisms are exemplary of his native Athenian background; A true-blue Athenian, it is no doubt this is just one of those “Athens-things.”

Show Athens some love.

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  1. More power to man who can move on one wheel. Also I've seen other unicycle juggling as they roll around town.