Friday, February 3, 2012

#25: Number 1 Party School? That’s weird, we’re not even partying that much anymore.

Drinking is down, but the ratings are up.
Following the ranking, Ohio University administration obediently swore up and down that it was unscientific and that it didn’t represent the student body and anything else that our conservative culture thought should be said. Studies were immediately released about OU student drinking culture and the many reasons why the ranking is null.
What the studies concluded, though, is that OU students have been drinking less.
One article in The Athens News broke it down, quoting Dean Lombardi saying “All of our data says that OU students are engaging in less high-risk behavior, but the ranking went up.”

There was a 49 percent decrease in alcohol-related judicial violations, and an 8 percent decrease in self-reported high-risk drinking. The statistics purport that although our ranking increased, the amount OU students have been drinking has either gone unreported more frequently, or there has actually been less drinking.

Drunk, or Athens?

While we could argue that this is just one of those neverending Athens arguments similar to the Richland Roundabout, water fluoridation and fracking, in reality, the suggestion that drinking is down and ratings are up is an argument that happens at all college towns defined by these fateful rankings.

OU is an hour and a half away from a metropolitan area. There are dozens of bars on one street. There are no clubs and no malls, and the average age is 21. There is no case for Athens here. Being nationally ranked first for partying and beer consumption , second in liquor consumption even though we've been drinking less- that's just plain drunken supremacy. 


Show Athens some love.

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