Friday, February 17, 2012

#27: Burrito droppings

Splatters of rice and cheese dot the bricks of Court St. A quarter of a tortilla, doused in ranch and wrapped in foil, lies frozen in the cracks of Mill Hill sidewalks. The steps of Athens County Courthouse are consistently covered in Mexican cuisine.
A burrito dropping. There must have been a drunk here last night.

Because of the similarity of tossed contents, the droppings are at first assumed to be vomit. With a closer look, it's just a burrito.

The City of Athens is home to ten burrito venues, a few of which are open much later than an acceptable hour in which to eat a bean-filled brick of carbs. With the lines at Big Mama’s stretching out the door until 3 a.m. nightly and Burrito Buggy placed conveniently between the bars and the dorms, Athens is regularly coated in burrito droppings.

Drunk, or Athens?

It could be an Athens-thing: Being so close to the Motherload, the stairs to the Courthouse are covered daily in a mess of rice, ranch, cheese and foil. They have long held a sign directing visitors from the entrance at the top of the stairs to the real entrance underneath, as if to formalize that the stairs function only to seat the people spilling out of Big Mama’s across the street.

But remnants of sloppy drunken noshing are found anywhere there is an influx of drunks; these splotches of Mexico littered around town cannot be attributed to the weird and wonderful that makes Athens what it is.

Just a drunk thing.

Show Athens some love.

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