Friday, February 24, 2012

#28: Perk's wrong-way tallies

Mounted on a wall in Perk's coffee shop is a running tally of cars that drive the wrong direction down the one-way road in the busiest part of uptown: Where Union crosses Court. 
Perk's, which is actually labeled Whit's outside and Perk's inside- but is curiously only known as Perk's, is surrounded in giant window perfect for people-watching on Court. Perk's is situated at the crossroads of Court and Union, a pivotal point where OU's campus blends with the City of Athens. 
Witnessing employees at Perk's started the tally years ago ,they said, and pages upon pages of tallies are evidence of that. It happens so frequently that they begin a new tally each quarter; they are now at 35. It is Week 7.

Drunk, or Athens?
The case for drunk: This epidemic could be caused by Athenian students and Athenians alike drunk driving to Jackie O’s of The Union. However, the ability to walk to the dozens of uptown bars keeps Athens’ ratio of drunk-to-drunk-driver fortunately low. According to, the number of recorded fatalities caused by drunk drivers in Athens is consistently below Ohio’s average. The number of fatalities caused by drunk drivers in Athens has gone above Ohio’s average in only three of the past 20 years.

The case for Athens: There is no allowance to go directly from East Union, that stretch of road that encompasses Jeff Hill and College Green that nobody actually calls East Union, across Court to West Union. At that intersection, the bricks are just a little extra broken and cars consistently compete for dominance when clearly pedestrians are more plentiful. And, the City of Athens never bothered to specify that a car going straight would be going the wrong way down a one-way street. Like the rest of its infamous structural deficiencies such as potholes and boil orders, the lack of sign at this busy intersection is typically Athens. 

Show Athens some love.

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