Friday, March 9, 2012

#30: Green Beer Day

Green Beer Day: invented by Oxfordites, perfected by Athenians.

Scene: Pigskin’s patio, 4:30p.m., Wednesday before finals week.

Girl in green: “My friend from Miami just texted me. She said OU’s Green Beer Day can’t even compare to Miami’s. 

I said, ‘It’s Green Beer Day? This is just Wednesday at OU.’”

Drunk, or Athens?

In reality, the bars bled green at an unnaturally early hour on Wednesday, with green beer flowing into $2.50 pitchers before noon, and drunken spectacles traipsing through College Gate to get to class in between plastic cups of Irish pride.

Green Beer Day was swiftly adopted into tradition at OU because of the drunkard’s tendency to turn everything into a reason to drink, as eloquently described in an editorial in The Post:

“You got a C- on that paper? Congratulations man, I’m throwing you a party. Of course we have to celebrate; it’s not every day a guy gets a mediocre grade!”

Before you Northface-and-Uggs-wearing Oxfordites implode, it must be admitted that GBD cannot be attributed to creative Athenian juices or that tendency to turn every situation into a daylong drinking excursion. Invented in 1952 by our western neighbors at Miami University, GBD was originally a refusal to let  finals week interfere with St. Patrick’s Day drunkness (which, in fact, does not fall on finals week anymore).  

Invented by Miami and adopted by OU, Green Beer Day cannot be attributed to Athenians’ creative juices. Instead, it’s just a drunk thing.

Show Athens some love.

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