Friday, April 13, 2012

#31: Famous Dropouts

Athens is proud to have been home to a few celebrities during their stints at Ohio University. OU’s most famous alum include Matt Lauer, the Today Show host, Paul Newman, actor, Richard Dean Anderson, the actor who played MacGyver, and Nancy Cartwright, the voice of Bart Simpson.

Photo taken from random Googling. This is what OU produces. Or does it?
While these celebrities that have graced the bricks of Athens have been honored and awarded every notable alumni award in the book, the fact that all of them are dropouts is swiftly pushed aside.

Drunk, or Athens?

Matt Lauer was four credits short of graduation when he left OU in 1979.
Nancy Cartwright, (also the 2012 commencement speaker) dropped out in 1978.
Richard Dean Anderson dropped out in the 70s.
Paul Newman dropped out in 1950.

Now, these departures could have been the result of big drunken mistakes for all celebrities involved, especially since none of their eventual careers, such as the voice of Bart Simpson, would have been deterred by a record of drunken debauchery anyway.

Instead, none of these celebrities left OU because of poor behavior issues and/or an especially great obsession with Champagne Smoothies at Broney’s.

OU alum becoming pricelessly quirky contributors to pop culture: Athens.

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  1. Also an OU dropout, Arsenio Hall

  2. I dropped out, slowly, sometime in the mid-Seventies.