Thursday, July 26, 2012

Volume II, #33: Operation: Unnecessary Task Force

A mounted Athens' police officer performing his duties at a pre-task force Palmerfest. Photo contributed by Karah Finan.

With the switch from quarters to semesters, the City of Athens is faced with what it views as the perfect storm of drunken debauchery. The shortened academic year has pushed the frenzied spring Fest season into the fall, essentially subjecting resident Athenians to two seasons of “festing” within the same calendar year. Residents have also become concerned with how Palmerfest, #fest, and the wide array of other fests, will coincide with homecoming weekend, and the always epic Halloween.

To combat the concerns of the population, the Athens Police, members of Athens City Council, Ohio University's Dean of Students and concerned community members have formed: The “Multi House Party” Task Force. The members chose “multi house party” to signify that “fests” are not sanctioned by the community, or the university. Undoubtedly, the Multi House Party Task Force is an overreaction to the unfortunate arson atPalmerfest last year.

Drunk, or Athens?

Normally reserved for meth dealers, a task force to put an end to underage drinking seemed to be overkill. However, Google results return evidence that a plethora of colleges have, or at one point have had, a task force to either deal with alcohol on campus or parties in the surrounding community. OU was geared up to claim the throne as the first college to have a task force formed to combat partying and claim the task force as purely Athenian, but sadly, that will not be the case.

Apparently alcohol task forces are common—common amongst campuses that habitually ingest booze, anyway. Therefore, the Multi House Party Task Force seems to be purely: DRUNK.

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