Friday, September 7, 2012

#35: Big Win? Bigger Party!

Court Street after the epic Penn State defeat. Photo contributed by Chelsea Molder.  

“It’s like Halloween up there!” – Stranger on Mill Street, returning from Court Street around 3:45 p.m. Saturday, September 1 2012.

Ohio University is a top-notch state university, with one of the most prestigious journalism departments in the entire country. Many bright and influential future leaders of America have graced the South Green sand volleyball courts. But when you tell an outsider that you’re an OU student, all they bring up is that one Halloween they spent on Court Street. Why then, on a strange day in September, would an apparently seasoned OU Halloween veteran draw comparison to Court Street’s Christmas in October? Because, on that fateful afternoon, the lowly (supposedly) Ohio University Bobcats beat the legendary (absolutely) Pennsylvania State Nittany Lions at football.

The beloved Ohio University Bobcats have made a habit out of being giant killers over the past few years. First was the upset of the Georgetown Hoyas in March of 2010, followed two years later by a Cinderella run through the Sweet Sixteen after beating Michigan, Southern Florida, and taking the University of North Carolina to overtime. Throw in last Saturday’s inspiring win against national, albeit weakened, powerhouse Penn State, and that’s a pretty impressive two and a half year run.

Evidently, our student body has experienced upsetting favorites in the past, but the sight on Court Street last Saturday would have made you think that the Bobcats won a National title. The madness up town was too much to handle and the sight inside Courtside wasn’t much better. The floor was filled with madmen jumping up and down, a rhythmic clapping sound could be heard throughout the entire bar and after five minutes the “OU OH YEAH” chant showed no signs of slowing. The quoted stranger was correct; the scene was in fact reminiscent, not of Halloween, but of all those other big wins.

Drunk, or Athens?

The old adage about sportsmanship is: Act like you’ve been there before. The saying carries validity. If you act like winning is no big deal, people will think you have always been a winner, but that isn’t Athens’ style! Big blowout parties on Court Street are what Athens does. After a big blow out win, what better to do than what we do best? You know that old adage about Court Street unexpectedly closing because the Bobcats beat a class “A” team, right?

ATHENS happens.  

For even more Drunk, or Athens? content follow the LINK to view our first ever video post. 

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