Saturday, September 15, 2012

#36: The Young and the Shoeless

                                         A suspect in the case of the missing shoes: Power lines.

Environmental activists and the eco-friendly are not strangers to college towns. Whether it be the dreadlock-flaunting hula hoopers or the groups sitting on college green around their hookah, Athens is no exception to the earth-loving counter culture that colleges attract.
But why the lack of footwear? People can be overheard on a daily basis talking about the few students brave enough to travel the campus shoeless. Whether it’s in the library, on Morton Hill, on the escalators in Baker Center or even dining halls, these barefoot bodies can make anyone do a double take. This foot fever begs the same question that OU students ask themselves on a daily basis: does this happen anywhere else?

The “Drunk” case: In the big picture of college campuses, strutting barefoot isn’t that uncommon. Well, at least between the hours of 12 and 3AM. The heels-in-hand walk home is a staple ending to any night out for many ladies of higher education. Paired with an occasional sighting of the barefoot walk-of-shame, the right to tap toes on the pavement may not be reserved for only the nature savvy.

The “Athens” case: Lucky for us, we get the best of both worlds. The laid back atmosphere of the uptown eateries allows for many to enter without proper footwear, leaving the shoeless-joe’s on campus feeling more welcome than at the classic ‘no shirt, no shoes, no service” chains. The brick streets may cause some hellish heel dilemmas, so ladies, we salute your efforts. Feel free to take em’ off.  According to the daytime shoeless regulars, OU’s abundance of grassy greens and open fields serve as a cushiony break from the pavement. But please, watch the broken bottles.

The naked feet won’t be clothed any time soon, leaving us with the obvious (and possibly unsanitary) verdict:
Shoes off to you, Athens.

Written by: Kerry Crump

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