Saturday, September 1, 2012

#34 You Honk, They Drink, We Write About It

(Senior Anthony Day holds his apartment's welcome weekend banner over his apartment on Mill street)

The Banner: a must have for every upperclassmen blessed with a balcony overlooking the herds of stumbling freshmen on “Welcome Weekend”. Covered with creative phrases, these banners reflect the personalities of the houses that made them. As well as inviting and welcoming OU students back into the Athens nightlife.

On Congress, one banner donned the witty phrase “Say Goodbye to Daddy, and hello to Natty,” while houses on East State and Stewart took a more direct approach with, “You Honk, We Drink.” 

Drunk, or Athens?

The public display of dirty jokes and sexual innuendos may seem unheard of outside of Athens, but other Ohio colleges partake in the festivities as well.

At Ohio State University (Excuse me, THE Ohio State University), banners are hung during the first few move-in days. The banners are aimed at freshmen’s parents dropping off their daughters. The OSU police tend to interfere within a few hours of the naughty signs going up leaving the Columbus railings bare by the time the parties start. Points for you, OUPD.

There is no doubt that that we pull off the raunchy writings better, but we are not alone in the “Welcome Weekend” banner shenanigans: DRUNK. 

Written by: Kerry Crump

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