Friday, November 9, 2012

#40: Hey, Sexy Ladies!

With a football team that spent two weeks in the rankings and getting media attention from ESPN and SI, more people across the country are beginning to realize that Ohio University is NOT the same college as Ohio State University. This might be a new feeling for our linebackers, but for the musicians that take the field during halftime the spotlight is old news.
After their first viral video, “Party Rock Anthem”, gained national media attention last year, the most exciting band in the land kept OU students and alum waiting for another hit. When the Marching 110 came out with their rendition of Psy’s “Gangnam Style”, Huffington Post, ESPN, the Today Show and countless others fell in love with the dancing band from bobcat land once again.

So is the Internet stardom of the Marching 110 drunk or Athens?

The Drunk Case:
We may have had two newsworthy videos in two years, but is that number enough to claim our band videos as viral? Party Rock makes the cut with over 8 million views, but the band’s version of Psy’s hit is just over 800,000.

Ohio State was thrown into the viral video world when their marching band performed a video game tribute during a home game against Nebraska. The LA Times even mentioned the Marching band showdown between OU and OSU, dubbing it “the melodious clash of the Ohio marching bands.”

The Athens Case:
OSU may have us beat in YouTube views, with over 14 million, but they don’t have the fan base. Before our recent success, OU football games have had a pretty good attendance rate- until the third quarter. Many students leave the game after halftime, the common phrase “I just came to see the band,” shared between the departing Bobcat fans.

We also have celebrity endorsement on our side. Matt Lauer, famous Scripps' alumnus and current Today Show anchor, gave the 110 a shout out when the video was featured on his show, and Psy has mentioned that Ohio University’s version of “Gangnam Style” is his favorite so far. So where does that leave our little Bobcat band?

Those band kids may party hard, but with the Marching 110’s history of dominating football games, this is a close call for ATHENS.

Written by: Kerry Crump

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