Thursday, December 6, 2012

#41: Pilfering with a Purpose

A sizable amount of the Ohio University student population is under the age of 21, which poses a significant challenge to a handful of students who come to the university based solely on its party school reputation. Although those students don’t typically have lengthy college careers, they are a part of the Athens culture. The only answer for most 19 year olds who want to drink at the Crystal or Courtside Pizza is to pester someone of age whom they look like to give up an old driver’s license.

Sometimes, underage Bobcats are almost desperate for a fake ID. Take what happened to 23-year-old Information and Technology Systems student Nathaniel Mullins over the past weekend. “My wallet had been missing for about three days,” Mullins said. "I went to my truck to see if it was in there. I discovered it in the bed. When I opened it I was relieved to see my money and credit cards intact, but someone had stolen my driver’s license and OU ID.”

Needless to say Mullins was grateful, angered and impressed, all at the same time. Grateful that the thief was kind enough to not leave him broke, angered that he would have to drive home to northeast Ohio if he ever wanted to go to the bar again, and impressed that the apparently underage bandit was crafty enough to realize that he might need a second form at the door.

Drunk, or Athens?

Obviously the reason for the pilfered license was to get into the bars. This opportunistic thief didn’t want to hurt Mr. Mullins, he just wanted to ensure that his (most likely short lived) college experience lived up to everything he hoped. That’s why this case of juvenile identity theft is nothing more than: ATHENS!

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