Friday, January 18, 2013

#42: Syllabus Week

One student's triumphant, Tuesday syllabus week night

While the bars on the brick street will have thirsty students stumbling in and out on any given day of the week, Athens’ notorious “Syllabus Week” tends to bring out the best in OU student’s weeknight drinking habits. As we go into our first spring semester, one thing is for sure: Syllabus Week is still going strong. But is this tradition true to Athens or just an excuse for more drunk shenanigans?

No need to argue the sides to this one, we deem Syllabus Week as DRUNK without hesitation. While we may be one of the few schools who treat it as a holiday, what college student doesn't want to throw a few back before the midterm stress begins to sink in?

Depending on your major and alcohol tolerance, Syllabus Week can be celebrated in many different ways. Many upperclassman have mastered the art of attending class in a still-buzzed state, leaving them prepared for a Sunday Funday or Marathon Monday to begin the upcoming fest season.

Freshmen, if you don’t know how much mental interaction your class may require on the first day, you may want to sit this one out. Sit back with a SOLO cup of Franzia and start training for next semester.

Happy Syllabus Week Bobcats, and get DRUNK for those who just “don’t get it”. 

Written by: Kerry Crump

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